Please don't confuse us with other Roll-Ball games because we do have unique designs!

This is a unique Roll-Ball puzzle game created by Bigcat.

The rules are simple and suitable for people of all ages. We are the most brain-burning Roll-Ball game! Do you dare to challenge? !

Free star:
familiarize the basic game mechanics, move the squares with your fingers, build a path, and move at least one ball to the red target square;

Feeling nowhere to go? Wait, rotate your block and there may be surprises!

Is a ball already tired? How about two! By picking the pieces, the two balls will have different forward paths!

Combine the path of each ball, so that they have enough attack power to break the obstacles of the road.
this is an unprecedented gaming experience!

You must reach the end before each ball's steps are reduced to zero and collect all the stars!
Believe me, this is not that simple!

You can play offline in anytime.
Enjoy the game with various devices. (Phones and Tablets)
Fancy Roll Ball contains the ads like banner, interstitial, and reward video ads.

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